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Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 on February 20, 2013. This marks the fourth entry in the global brand. At its core, PlayStation has long been a relevant video game console, marketed for gamers (hardcore) and enthusiasts; Those who want to feel the technology Sony carries on offer through each iteration in the platform. Games include the meat on the machine and Sony, over another console developer, delivers on all fronts. A Fresh Start The PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment's first console, entered the market industry in 1994. It was originally a joint-project with Sony and Nintendo meant for an add-on on the Super Nintendo (SNES) game console. After a contract dispute between both companies, Nintendo secretly (rumored) parted ways and dropped the disc-based project. Ken Kutaragi, Sony Lead Engineer expanded within the disc-based medium and led to the PlayStation. Widely known as "The Father with the PlayStation," Ken Kutaragi brought Sony in to the fifth console generation. Able to play only CD-ROM based games Sony PlayStation quickly took over as best-selling game console and dethroned Nintendo because dominant video gaming system in the marketplace. The Industry Giant Since their inauguration, Sony has developed into dominant determine the gaming industry. Platforms add some PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS VITA, along with the upcoming PlayStation 4 gaming console. With the release from the PS2, Sony defined themselves just as before as being the most in-demand gaming platform as well as its system, until today, would be the best-selling console ever. In spite of this, in the event the PlayStation 3 launched, Sony landed at the end with the barrel. A Titan Falls... At the start from the current generation Microsoft's Xbox 360 had garnered a lot of gamers which consists of release a full year earlier; an important problem throughout the PS3 launch. Even with the superior graphics and technology in the PS3, its $599 price was an excessive amount of a deterrent for gamers to get rid of. Hungry Shark World Hack It took the full generation to hook up, finally surpassing their competition in sales'great indeed, considering their late arrival. The constant progress of PlayStation Network and also a steady stream of exclusive titles have pushed the device in advance of its rivals. The PlayStation 4 is predicted to outweigh Microsoft's Xbox One and recapture the hardcore audience. A New Beginning Sony PS4 is official: The new console is fully revamped, sporting a brand new and improved DualShock 4 controller. It plays host to a lot of features, at a multi-touch pad, into a front speaker with headphone support, as well as the light bar, fully integrated alongside the re-designed PlayStation Eye. The "Share" button allows live-streaming of game content and also the capability to post those videos or screenshots to online communities. Sony's next generation strategy is also held by what matters most: Games. They revealed a line-up of latest and exclusive titles set for the next-gen consoles release this holiday 2013. Sony continue to push the boundaries and wow gamers with future developments, all intended for an experience only generated for console gaming; to savor alone, online, or with friends.

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